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  Bill Campbell

Anthony Fasano, P.E., LEED AP, ACC

"It’s up to you to take your engineering career wherever you want to take it!"

Location: One on one coaching in the Greater New York City Area and virtually by phone worldwide.

How will clients benefit with you as their coach?

Set crystal clear goals and understand not only what they want to achieve in their career and life, but the driving force behind their decisions.

Identify the most important steps required to achieve their goals and stop wasting time and resources worrying about every day minutiae.

Discover and develop skill sets that they never thought they possessed, such as public speaking, becoming a great manager, etc.

What results have clients reported after working with you?

The clear goals that I help them set provides an unbelievably easy to follow road map as to where they are headed in their engineering career, as well as the fastest route to get to their destination.

A better understanding of why they are chasing certain goals in their engineering career along with a sense of clarity as to whether or not these goals are right for them.

Increased ability to stay focused on the things that are going to move them closer to their goals, rather than getting sidetracked with other non-important issues.

Rapid development in their career path propelling them from engineer to manager due to improved communication skills, effective public speaking abilities, and leadership traits, as well as increased self-confidence.

A newfound ability to find the opportunities in every situation no matter how unappealing they may appear at first glance, as well as the ability to turn problems into solutions.

Increased number of career development opportunities due to improved networking skills that help them to build a solid professional network.

What do clients say about working with you?

“Anthony has been instrumental in changing my outlook not only at work, but also outside of the office. Anthony has helped me get out of my rut. He got me focused and organized, and has greatly helped me clarify my professional goals and direction. Anthony is a keen listener, and brings an energetic and creative perspective to our discussions. My focus, enthusiasm, and confidence are at an all-time high! I would gladly recommend Anthony to any professional seeking the help and guidance of a career coach.” – William Burr, IV, P.E., Project Manager, Maser Consulting, Hamilton, New Jersey

“Over the past four years, Anthony provided me with invaluable information regarding my professional development as an engineer. Anthony greatly assisted me with the application process for the PE exam to ensure my admittance to the exam at a young age. He provided assistance with preparation and study strategies for taking the PE exam; I passed the exam on my first attempt. Anthony also inspired me to become involved with professional societies. I am now on the Board of Director’s for both the Rockland County Chapter and Professional Engineers in Construction (PEC) for the New York State Society of Professional Engineers. My career would not be where it is today without Anthony’s guidance in my professional development. I would recommend to all engineers and project managers out there to seek Anthony’s guidance!” – Peter Helseth, Civil Engineer, The Shaw Group, New York, New York

“I felt unappreciated by the company I work for and that feeling was affecting my job satisfaction and home life. An opportunity was presented to me to receive professional coaching from Anthony. I jumped at the opportunity with the ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ attitude. In the first coaching session, when Anthony and I discussed positive and negative energy, I knew this coaching could be beneficial to me. Anthony immediately got to the core of my negative energy and we spent the next many sessions working on how to deal with and minimize that negative energy. At the completion of the coaching, I felt a great awareness of negative energy in my work and personal life and also learned how to deal with that negative energy thanks to Anthony’s coaching. I feel much more appreciated at work and I received the promotion I was striving for.” – Project Manager, Reputable Engineering Firm, New York

"Anthony may be my first professional coach, but his energy is contagious and his insights are invaluable. He has the remarkable ability to see to the heart of an issue and to visualize a path to opportunity. I’m finding my way to success – with a little luck, and a coach." – Andy Kubiak, LSIT, Graduate Research Assistant at University of New Brunswick, Canada

What are 5 strengths you have as a coach?

Inspirational - The ability to help clients realize what they are really looking for in their career and life, and then inspire them to create a plan to achieve it. Many engineers think that they have to follow a certain ‘standard’ career path. However, I help my clients realize that they can take their engineering career to any level of success they may desire!

Connection – I create a strong connection with the engineers that I coach because I am an engineer myself, and often times have experienced many of the same challenges that my clients are faced with.

Credentials – Having a rare but powerful combination of a Professional Engineering License and Associate Certified Coach credential coupled with the hours and hours of professional coaching training gives me a distinctive edge with my clients. I bring to the table a very rare skill set and experience combination that gives my clients a multi-faceted platform to draw from in honing their own career choices.

Experience - I became a partner at a very reputable engineering firm at the age of 27. This experience is integral in allowing me to help engineers create there own success regardless of their age or experience level.

Persistence – Once my client is clear about their goals and focused on achieving them, I will stop at nothing to help them to attain them as fast as possible!

What is your coaching philosophy?

My coaching philosophy is very simple: help people determine what their true goals in their career and life are, and then assist them to achieve them. I typically find that my clients either don’t have goals or are chasing ones that aren’t really important to them. Once a person has set goals that are truly in alignment with themselves, their career and life instantly becomes extraordinary. They are more passionate and engaged in everything they do. My goal is not just to help them improve their careers, but to change their life forever!

What types of people do you typically coach?

Engineers! I typically coach engineers of all ages and experience levels from recent graduates to experienced engineering leaders.

What is your professional background?

  • 2011: Became a published author of the book entitled Engineer Your Own Success: 7 Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering Career
  • 2010 to present: founder of Powerful Purpose Associates and the Institute for Engineering Career Development – helping engineers develop their careers
  • 2000 – 2010: Engineer and Associate Partner at Maser Consulting
  • PE license in NY and NJ and Associated Certified Coach
  • Graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching
  • MS in Civil Engineering from Columbia University
  • BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Lafayette College
How can clients get started working with you as their coach?
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Career Coaching Programs
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Three 30-Minute Coaching Sessions The Career Coaching service matches individuals with a personal coach--a confidant, champion, and challenger who will help you:
  • Gain personalized guidance through job transitions
  • Prepare and navigate through your annual reviews
  • Leverage your behavioral and professional strengths effectively
  • Diagnose reasons for career dissatisfaction
  • Learn how to take action in networking, interviewing, and taking on new opportunities
With Career Coaching you can:
  • Learn how your behavioral style affects those you work with
  • Build a compelling value proposition for a potential employer
  • Manage change more effectively
  • Overcome hurdles that impede success
  • Sustain professional success and maintain balance
  • Get ongoing support through all phases of your career
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